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PYREX® 100mL Hydrometer Cylinders


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About PYREX® 100mL Hydrometer Cylinders

PYREX® 100mL Hydrometer Cylinders

These 100mL PYREX® hydrometer cylinders have a large hexagonal base sealed to the cylinder body to increase stability. Breakage is minimized by the heavy wall construction. Meets ASTM specifications D-287 and E-100.



Material: Borosilicate Glass Code 7740
Qty./Pk.: 1
Qty./CS.: 18
Capacity: 100 mL
Cylinder Style: Hydrometer
Top Style: Beaded Rim
Stopper Style: No Stopper
Feature: Reusable
Bumper Guard: No
Height: 254 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter: 29 mm (approx)