Round Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes

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About Round Bottom Glass Centrifuge Tubes

Round-bottom tubes are available in rimless and screw-cap styles. Rimless tubes have heavy, fire-polished ends. Caps resist heat and steam.Corex®II and Pyrex® brand centrifuge tubes are made from durable Type I borosilicate glass. Corex®II is chemically strengthened for higher speed centrifugation.The 15-, 25-, and 30-mL tubes require rubber sleeve-type adapters (sold separately ) for use in 50-mL cavity rotors. PYREX-Reg TM Corning Glass Works


Specification : 


Capacity (mL) : 50

Dimensions (OD (mm)) : 29

Dimensions (L (mm)) : 122

Closure size : 24

End type : Round-bottom

Material : Glass

Description : Phenolic cap w/ rubber liner