Gasprofi Safety Gas Burners

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About Gasprofi Safety Gas Burners

The first gas burners with the ultimate safety control system (SCS)


  • Durable stainless steel construction 
  • Safety Control System features overheating protection,ignition and flame monitor 
  • Automatic cut-off system 


This Gasprofi series incorporates the most advance technology for heating and flame sterilization.The innovative safety control system constantly analyzes potential source of danger and if necessary,iniates protective measures.Fireproof display signal automatic iterruption of gas supply or a soiled burner head. The burner head is removable for cleaning purpose. A filters protects the valve againts particiles in the gas supply.Maximum flame temperature is 2462°F ( 1350°C ) on liquid gas and 2372ºF (1300°C) on natural gas.dimensions are 3 7/8"L x 4 1/3"W x 2 3/8"H 


What's included : stainless steel windshield