Culture Dish TC Treated

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Designed for optimum growth of anchorage dependent cells. Choices of double-sealed caps for air tight culture, and vented caps for culture requiring constant gas exchange.

Non-treated flasks for suspension culture are suitable for culturing hybridoma of lymphocytes are also available.

  • Wide opening allows easy pipetting and cell scraping.
  • Exceptional optical clarity.
  • All flasks are individually pressure tested, steriled, TC-treated and non-pyrogenic.
  • 0.22 um hydrophobic membrane of vented cap provides stable gas exchange, thus eliminating bacterial and fungal contamination. Vented cap flasks are thus best suited for use in CO2 incubator.



  • Filter vented caps feature a 0.2μm hydrophobic membrane that eliminates bacterial and fungal contamination
  • Manufactured from clear, premium grade, non-toxic, virgin polystyrene
  • Assured sterile by gamma irradiation and certified non-pyrogenic to less than 0.5EU/ml
  • Each flask is pressure tested to ensure leak free performance
  • The wide neck design allows easy pipetting and cell scraping on all flask sizes
  • Moulded graduations facilitate accurate filling
  • Anti-tilt skirts, stacking rims and feet for extra stability
  • Resealable inner packaging to protect unused product
  • Lot number etched into 25, 75 and 150cm2 product to ensure complete traceability
  • Suitable for cultures requiring constant gas exchange with the cap fully sealed
  • Ideally suited for use in C02 incubators
  • Features a special tissue culture surface treatment that ensures optimum cell anchorage and growth
  • Each flask is supplied in sterile, easy to open, resealable packaging





Surface Area (cm)





Tissue Culture Flask
with vented cap, TC-treated
25 70 10 300
25 60 10 300
75 270 5 100
150 600 5 40
225 900 5 25